Bibag On-line Dry Bicarbonate Concentrates

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  • Bibag On-line Dry Bicarbonate Concentrates
  • Bibag On-line Dry Bicarbonate Concentrates

Sodium bicarbonate will be pre-filled by empty bibag, dry bicarbonate concentrate bags provides a lightweight, streamlined alternative to liquid bicarbonate jugs.

Bicarbonate Made Easy for Chronic Kidney Disease
When the bibag disposable is secured to the bibag connector on the Fresenius hemodialysis machine or other hemodialysis devices, the dry sodium bicarbonate powder is automatically mixed with water producing a saturated solution. This saturated solution is then proportioned with water to achieve the prescribed dialysis solution and to cure chronic kidney disease with acid concentrates for dialysis through hemodialysis machine.

More Features

  • Less Storage and Preparation Space.
  • Two Flexible Bag Sizes—650 g and 900 g bags provide the right amount of bicarbonate for an efficient treatment.
  • Environmentally Friendly with Less Waste — Flexible, recyclable bag may reduce waste costs.

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