Hemodialysis Solution Filling Machine

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  • Hemodialysis Solution Filling Machine
  • Hemodialysis Solution Filling Machine

The whole equipment is making of SUS, use time to control filling volume. Easily clean, just introduce purified water or ethanol to filling tube and outflow from filling moth. With anti-drip function and collected liquid by tray.

The electrical cabinet moved to roof with sealing treatment, the inside of this equipment can be flushed by high-pressure waterThe designs of this equipment comply with the requirement of cGMP.,/p>

Features Parameter Specification

This equipment with the below characters:

Have wide range filling volume and easily adjusted, from 0.5liter to 12.0 liter.

Filling speed: 10000liter per hour

The accuracy of filling tolerance error is ±0.4%.

The part directly touch with hemodialysis will be 316L.

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