Hemodialysis Solution Labelling Machine

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The labeling machine use of reel label paper, introduce label and labeling is completed simultaneously. The machine uses computer Control, synchronous tracking, introduce the label by the mutual inductance stepper motor control, to ensure that the speed of introduce label and labeling at the same time.
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A variety of customized IR optics,components and lens assemblies are offered for Infrared applications and LWIR and MWIR thermal imaging cameras. Lenses,windows and domes made Lenses,windows and domes made from Germainum,ZnSe,Sapphire,Silicon,MgF2,Zns,BaF2,CaF2,GaAs and chalcogenide glass are available. The aspherical lenses made by SPDT(single point diamond turning) technigue are provided. Hangzhou Shalom EO provide variety lens modules for MWIR (3-5um) and LWIR (8-12um) thermal imaging cameras, and free design modules is available for your spencial applications.
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